Tuesday, December 31, 2013

How Young Do You Want to Look? guest post with Rev Anne Ahokangas

Thinking can keep you young!

"We teach how to think, not what to think" is the basis of Religious Science.

When you truly know you individualize the all-powerful Creative Principle and it creates through you by means of your thinking, you unlock the truth of how experiences are created.

When you think about something for a long time and add strong feelings about it, an experience is created. The Principle you think into responds by corresponding. This is the 'How' part of all of life.

We encourage becoming aware of "what" you think. And when you think with awareness, deliberately, the result is constructive and positive.

You are always free to choose what to think. And when you understand infinite good is possible, you will wisely choose your  "What."

Let me use an easy example. Reactions are thoughts. Reactions are usually negative in nature. These negative thoughts actually resonate in the cells. Enough of this kind of resonance and wrinkles get deeper, health and vitality diminish, happiness becomes illusive.

I suggest taking 3- 4 seconds before reacting to any scenario. Take a deep breath and realize that if the situation can’t be helped or solved by being angry/afraid, then choose to remain neutral.

It may not diffuse the scenario, but you will ultimately be younger and happier. Remember, what you do, think and react to today, creates  tomorrows experiences.

Rev Anne Margit Ahokangas is a speaker, author and entrepreneur. Anne has dedicated her personal and professional life to spiritual growth, self love, and personal empowerment. You can reach Anne at:   http://anneahokangas.wordpress.com/

As 2013 draws to a close I wish you a Happy New Year full of healing and happiness. I'd love to hear more about your healing adventures-write me at the email listed above or in the comments box below. 

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Monday, December 23, 2013

The Number One Healing Secret

I believe you have a healing power-- alive and awake in every one of your cells; working all the time to repair and restore you to state of vibrancy and health. A part of your mind is always able to resonate with the idea of healing.

For me the number one healing secret is to keep a healthy mental attitude and always move towards joy and happiness. Believing that it is possible to achieve the healing you desire can do more than the most expensive drugs or therapies.

So whether you are struggling with osteoporosis, depression, chronic pain and fatigue, diabetes, glaucoma, heart disease, obesity, arthritis, insomnia or any of the more serious illnesses…….

I invite you now to think this over with me.

Our minds and thoughts are constantly moving. When they move in the direction of love, peace, courage and good will they activate a dynamic healing power that can make your healing journey a great success.

Deliberate thoughts of healing and positivity can help your body move from dis-ease to peace, ease, comfort and radiant health.

I see you and I as the perfect expression of Divine Intelligence. Every part of us is filled with Wholeness. We are Whole, Well, and Harmonious now and always.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Thyroid-5 Steps to Vibrant Health

I believe the organ systems in our bodies work together and that no one part of our body functions completely by itself. The thyroid gland influences and is affected by the pituitary, adrenals, digestive system, blood sugar mechanisms and our immune response. The basic metabolic functions it supervises can easily be thrown out of balance when these other organs are not operating at their peak efficiency.

These 5 steps can help re balance your thyroid for more vibrant energy and well being.

1. Take a careful look at how much wheat you are eating. A high number of people with thyroid conditions suffer from un-diagnosed gluten intolerance. Gluten is a protein found primarily in wheat, rye, oats, corn and barley. When the body cannot digest this gluten protein properly an inflammatory response occurs in the gut which can lead to joint and muscle pain, fatigue, nausea , gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, hives, painful sores and rashes.1 It takes some organization to eliminate the gluten containing foods and replace them with healthy alternatives. Most people will feel positive results within 21 days but to make a permanent shift you may need to be gluten free for at least 3-6 months.

2. Look at your blood sugar levels and the carbohydrate foods you eat in your daily diet. People with thyroid problems experience a higher levels of obesity and diabetes. Both high blood sugar from eating too many carbs and low blood sugar from hypoglycemia can suppress and aggravate thyroid function.

3. Are you stressed out? High levels of stress makes it difficult for your body to utilize whatever amounts of thyroid hormone it is able to produce and can create an inflammatory response with multiple hormone imbalances. Take up meditation, yoga or stress management to relax. Laugh and have fun. Go to sleep early and find more ways to experience pleasure.

4. Check your vitamin D levels. Many of the disorders related to thyroid problems make it difficult to utilize vitamin D properly. Vitamin D regulates the immune response, balances the blood sugar & insulin metabolism and influences our stress reactions. If you have an inflammatory response in the gut from gluten intolerance, are overly stressed or have a poor blood sugar metabolism your ability to absorb Vitamin D and utilize it properly can be compromised.

5. Think about your digestion and elimination. Healthy intestinal bacteria regulate our immune response, help to process and convert thyroid hormones, and reduce stress. If you are having gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea or acid stomach you can take a stool test to determine the best means of restoring healthy gut function.

All of us are biochemically unique and most people with thyroid problems need systematic help with testing from a trained practitioner. However-these are steps you can use to find out what brings you better rest, more energy and pain relief.

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1. Digestive Diseases and Sciences, February 2000;45:403-406.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Self Care Is Not Selfish-guest post by Rev Terry Drew Karanen, LSW, MSW,DD

Do you find it difficult to address your own needs?

I know a woman who is a wonderful mother and homemaker, but she seldom takes time for herself. An executive I know works long hours during the week yet spends most of the weekend arranging meetings for the following week – evidenced by the deluge of emails received by her subordinates on Monday morning.

I’m not sure if we neglect our own needs from time-to-time because...

We live in a society that is constantly busy or if perhaps it might have something to do with the ideal of Christian martyrdom being a quality for which we should strive. The reason, in actuality, is irrelevant since constantly doing for others and neglecting ourselves is unhealthy.


As with so many other issues in life this situation requires that we find balance. I’ve recently returned to the practice of tithing my time and talent, in addition to the regular financial tithing that has been a part of life for almost three decades. Tithing of your time is giving back to … wait for it … take deep breath … ready? … YOU!

Renewing ourselves:

When we tithe our time it means we slice out a regular amount of time to renew ourselves. It includes taking care of our own needs through study, meditation, prayer treatment work, exercise and play, to name just a few ways. If you’re anything like me you might find yourself so enjoying playing at your work that it somehow gets to be midday or early afternoon when you discover you forgot to eat breakfast. When you are living your bliss that can happen, but it still isn’t in our best interest to forget to eat!

Here’s another example. I’m the only one in my family who enjoys a strong cup of coffee. Half-caf and weak coffee just doesn't cut it. So instead of bowing to the majority or forcing them to water down the pot I’d like, I've started using the French press my friend, Bobbie, gave me years ago. It takes more time, but it’s time for ME that I’m spending doing something special for myself. Get the picture?

We must take care of ourselves:

What that means for each if us individually is unique to our lifestyle and needs. Whatever it is we need to do doesn’t translate into selfishness. I can remember working hard all day long – not a tedious thing since I enjoy my work – and deciding about four o’clock in the afternoon to have a cup of tea and watch a program I’d recorded. I’d just sat down when a family member came home, saw me with my feet up and the TV on and exclaimed, “WOW! I wish I could stay home all day, watch TV and eat bon bons!”

My answer, which wasn’t at all appreciated was, “And, my love, when you decide to set your life up to do that you’ll enjoy it just as much as I do!” You can’t let guilt prodders ruin your “me” time. Do yourself a favor this week and carve out at least a half hour every day to practice and enjoy some self care. You return rejuvenated and even more available to care for others.

Rev. Dr. Terry Drew Karanen, LSW, MSW, DD is a spiritual warrior. husband, minister, writer and social worker. Terry is also the Founder and Spiritual Leader of the Center for Spiritual Living in Cumberland Valley, Pennsylvania.

You can reach Terry at: http://drterry.blogspot.com/ or http://newthoughtpa.org/

What are your thoughts about self care?  Please share them in my comments box or you can email me at the address listed above.

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