Monday, May 13, 2013

The Best Advice to Create Joy in Your Life

Do you share your joy with those you meet and always feel good about yourself? Do you believe that the natural answer to having more joy is to express joy and love to yourself and with one another? If you answered no- you are not alone. Not everyone walks around with joy in their hearts and some people do their best to share their misery-at no extra charge!
Joy is the natural state of being for our souls and love is the universal language the soul speaks-yet many do not know how to be happy and experience joy – some of us need a training period to practice the steps that make Joy an everyday reality.
Begin by giving your soul room to breathe. Ask yourself how do I really feel? If you are in pain-be sure to take the time that you need to find the support that will help you heal. Remember, compassion like charity begins at home. And so does Joy and the home where Joy lives is in your heart. 
First, make a list. Decide what makes you happy or brings you joy. You could call this your joy journal or joy list. Write down what is it that makes you genuinely happy. Everyone’s list will be completely different. So don’t try to censure your feelings. It might take more than a few minutes and you might find out that you can’t easily remember what makes you feel good. Some people will remember their favorite vacation or the sound of a lover’s voice. For others it could be family time , your pets, your garden, your cell phone, your car, being in nature or listening to music.
Next allow yourself to re-experience what is on your list. Express your gratitude for what you have known and perhaps shared. Practice walking around with these feelings alive in your heart . Can you find one thing about your day or your situation that you appreciate? If your car is what brings you joy-get out the Turtle Wax; or pick up your phone, make a visit talk to those you love. As you begin to revisit what brings you joy keep a gratitude list so you can practice appreciation which is another way to learn what makes you happy.
Donate your misery or anything that keeps you stuck in regrets from the past. Find a drop off station for these donations by practicing forgiveness. A great way to change your past is to live your life fully present in this moment and as each new moment appears continue to step forward with your attention gently devoted to what is happening right now. For it is only by letting go of what is keeping us stuck that we can walk freely and move forward.
Make space to listen to the sound of your heart beat, feel your breath moving regularly in and out of your body. Observe and express how you appreciate others-Find a way of helping them or being of service to those who could use some help. Do the same for yourself --acknowledge what it is that you like about yourself. Each day, find the prayer in your heart appreciate how magnificent you truly are, keep breathing and say YES!

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