Sunday, October 20, 2013

Healing with "Creative Voice -the Circle of Song Playshop"

What activity-
*boosts your immune system        
*stimulates circulation
*releases endorphins to make you feel energized *exercises your lungs, abdominals and diaphragm
*increases oxygen intake                   
*improves aerobic capacity
*relieves tension
*balances your thyroid gland
*regulates digestion  &  blood sugar levels    
*brings good sleep
*and makes you feel happy?1
Better than yoga, tai chi, jogging or hula hooping-Singing in community or singing in a group brings all these benefits and more……
Now ask yourself-is it time for a change? Could I possibly feel happier, more empowered and have more freedom? If you answered yes-you are the ideal person for a wonderful opportunity.
Explore the personal joy of singing in community. Connect with your own divine voice and give yourself permission to just be....No athletic ability is required and there is no age limit. Join Claire Victor-singer, songwriter, music director, and educator:
 for “Circle of Song” playshop
          Saturday Nov. 2nd 1-5pm
          Center for Spiritual Living Santa Rosa
          2075 Occidental Road Santa Rosa, Ca 95401
Cost:$40 until Oct. 30 or $45 at door. 707-527-8572
           (advanced registration strongly suggested)
When we listen to our heart we can hear the voice of Love.
When we follow our inner voice it always leads us home.
Claire Victor


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