Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How to Make a Difference and Change Your Life

Were you ever bogged down with a challenge? 

And maybe you felt bad until you heard about someone who had much bigger problems.

Artillery fighting in the Ukraine goes on.World powers are joining forces to pursue ISIS.  Ebola hemorrhagic fever challenges West Africa as the mysterious enterovirus - D68 sickens children in North America.

People are experiencing major challenges in every country.Yet for some the biggest decision today is I Phone 6 or I Phone 6+

Each of us has the power .....

I believe  that we are part of the web we call Life and each of us has the power to bring about amazing changes in ourselves and in our world.

In Kenya a few years ago one man realized that he could bring about big changes. Mr. Jared Akama Ondieki  founded the CEPACET and AKAMA foundations to promote peace, human rights, social justice, fight poverty and provide socio-economic  empowerment for the women in Western Kenya.
With these goals today AKAMA and CEPACET  run schools for children and provide socio-economic development projects for Kenya.

The Kenyan school system requires that all students who attend school wear a uniform. There are large numbers of orphan children living with guardian families.

Many guardian families cannot provide the proper school attire. Without uniforms children may have to drop out.  Or worse if they wear a soiled or torn uniform they may face ridicule from their classmates which can be so painful.

The Akama Foundation teaches young women to become seamstresses. After completing their training these woman receive a sewing machine. With this they generate income to support themselves and their families while providing inexpensive quality clothes for their community. 

As these ladies earn new income they sew school clothes for the free school uniform distribution program.

The Akama Foundation has provided 300 school uniforms over the past 3 years. It is now expanding its program to new areas and has set a goal of providing 30 more teenage mothers with sewing machines and training. Each sewing machine costs $18,000 Kenyan shillings or a little over $200 USD.

Would you like to know more? 

Email Mr. Jared Akama Ondiekicenter4partnership@gmail.com
Donations can be made via Paypal:d2oinform@gmail.com

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If you are facing your own challenge today think about how much power you have inside yourself and how you can change the world by offering to help.

There are wonderful programs everywhere and people need support in so many places. Perhaps you have a giving intention that is dear to your heart. I believe we can follow our inner guide to know where to make the difference for changing the world and changing ourselves.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Whose Potential Are You Trying to Realize? guest post by Terry Drew Karanen

Where in your life are you beating your head against the wall? 

Did you notice I assumed you are "beating your head against the wall?" I can nearly guarantee, with very few exceptions, that you are doing something currently that feels exactly that way. You may feel stuck in a relationship, dissatisfied with your living space, or wondering why you haven't found a job in the same field as that expensive degree you obtained. But, if you can't find something in your life that fits this description, just stop reading, don't waste your time and I'll see you back here next week! Oh....And kudos to you! You rock!

Still reading, aren't you? Here's the kicker - I'm still here, too, and writing this blog. In my own past history someone else was usually involved in me bloodying my head. Mind you, I always had his/her best intentions in mind. The problem was that it was what I wanted for them, not what they wanted. But I, in my infinite wisdom, had decided someone else needed to be more expressive or successful or something. My heart, and yours, too, is in the right place. We mean well, but because we don't have agreement with the other person in this endeavor it doesn't work out to our liking.Haven't you said, or heard someone say, "S/He has SO much potential! If only s/he would (fill in the blank)." It seems we human beings have some innate ability to readily recognize exactly what everyone else should be doing. And here's the second kicker:  While we're busy trying to figure out or help everyone else be amazing, we probably aren't doing such a bang up job on ourselves.

Here is some "Terry Talk" for you to chew on: You cannot have a relationship with someone's potential (though God knows I've tried at times!). I first figured this out decades ago and it's still true. Ignoring that statement is why we find ourselves so frustrated at times. We can so easily be intoxicated in the potential that we fail to see the individual.

When we unilaterally decide someone needs our input and/or guidance they become a "project." If we are not mindful, we get so involved in helping the other person to be wonderful that it becomes our purpose in life. Meanwhile, the authentic self within us is screaming, "What about me?!?" "Why aren't my needs being met?"

That's why that even if we convince our loved one to do what
we feel is right for them we still don't feel quite complete with the process. And there's the biggest clue on this path - if it doesn't feel right, then why are we doing it? 

Unfortunately, instead of stepping back, taking a deep breath and examining our own potential we can very easily get sucked into finding another "project," aka "victim." The question is, When will it be your turn to be amazing? When will you give yourself the time to nurture the greatest potential within you? When will you take the step to stop pining about your potential and take the steps necessary to fulfill your purpose on earth? We have to recognize our gifts - otherwise we are robbing the world of something no one else can give - and then act in such a way as to make them available to the world.

A big part of our work on this planet is that of service to others. We must, however, begin with ourselves. Another universal truth is "As above, so below. As within, so without." It is only by giving fully of ourselves that we can truly be the most effective in helping others, and that means recognizing our unique inner light.

To get more deeply in touch with your inner guidance I would like to suggest that over the next few days you stop yourself - even for a moment - when you next find you are lamenting over a friend or loved one not living up to their potential. Take that opportunity to bless them on their current path, close your eyes and ask yourself, How can I best fulfill my own potential? What within me is calling me to come forward, to color outside the lines, to show the world who I am? And, as always, have fun with this! 

Special thanks to:
Terry Drew Karanen, author, speaker, life coach.
email: terry@terrydrewkaranen.com

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Mice, Memory and Creating Your Inner Light

#a world that works for everyone
Sometimes experiences from the past keep influencing us-again and again and again.....

It could be that the circuits in our brain  get stuck in an endless loop. Researchers at MIT have been changing the brains of mice with light. They call this new science Optigenics.  It appears that as a memory is encoded in the brain negative or positive emotions associated with that event are stored in another part of the brain. Every time the brain remembers the event the emotions associated with it are triggered.

By shining a light for only 12 minutes on  the brain cells that store these emotions mice were able to let go of previous conditioning  and no longer experienced negative emotional reactions. 

Optigenic studies will help MIT better understand how the brain works and in the future they may help to relieve depression, post traumatic stress, epilepsy, chronic pain and some forms of mental illness.1

Are you planning your future based on your past?

I believe it is possible to erase the pain and limitations we may remember from our past.  Yesterday’s disappointments and hurts can keep us from experiencing happiness today. In years to come we will be able to use Optigenics to heal our brain, body and psyche.  Today we can use meditation, prayer, EMDR and other techniques to free ourselves from the negative influences or  hurtful things from our  past. We can also create our own inner light to help us let go of previous experiences that no longer serve us.

Change your mind by shining your inner light

Find a quiet place, whether that is in your room, outside in nature or even sitting where no one knows you. Take a few moments and breathe deeply until you feel yourself settling down. When you feel quiet  read or say these words:

Always I am aware of being part of a greater Whole. The Oneness I share with Spirit and all beings brings permanent safety and refuge from the events of my past. 

In this Wholeness, I am strong, safe and secure. Nothing from yesterday can ever harm me again.I let go of anything from
the past that no longer serves me.
I feel the light of Wholeness inside me.The light of Wholeness shines all around me.  I am the light and the light is me. Peace and joy live in me now and I embrace my future knowing it is Good.

Take a few moments to come back to the present moment and then go on with your day. 

Powerful words like this or others you might choose write for yourself can shine your inner light on your brain and help to releases burdens of the past. Our thoughts are creative and we can use them to change ourselves, our lives and our environment. I believe you can feel a gentle and permanent change inside yourself from regularly shining your inner light.

Give this a try for a month. I'd truly enjoy hearing about your experiences of creating your own inner light. 


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