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Weight Loss Breakthrough and Overcoming Sugar Addictions with Ganesha Mantra

"Chanting is a way of getting in touch with yourself. It's an opening of the heart and letting go of the mind and thoughts. It deepens the channel of grace, and it's a way of being present in the moment."  Krishna Das

Do you think your scale must be broken- because no matter what you eat the numbers don’t get smaller? Have you hit a weight loss plateau that you just can’t seem to break through? Does it feel impossible to stop eating sugar or junk food? Do you find that you just can’t start your new food plan?

All to often when we are stuck we circle in on the level of the problem... perhaps it’s time to change your life by changing you mind: with the Ganesha mantra. Ganesha mantra can help you break through your plateau and remove the obstacles that prevent you from eating in a more healthy fashion.

I believe this transformational chant opens the way for powerful results and activates whatever it is that needs to change. From these internal changes your weight loss and ability to make different food choices become more successful. It can be used for overcoming any type of obstacle not just for weight loss or eating habits. It is often used to inaugurate the beginning of any new endeavor-a new project, relationship, job, writing a manuscript, art work etc.

Who Is Ganesha and why does he have a mantra?

Ganesha is the Hindu elephant god. He is known for being the remover of obstacles, the god of beginnings, a patron of the arts & sciences and a spiritual force for intellect & wisdom. Ganesha has over 1000 different names. Many chants and mantras are associated with him- one of the most beautiful and simple chants is - the Ganesha mantra:

Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha

Like all mantras this ancient one works on the level of sound and feeling. Each word in the chant has it’s own powerful meaning and sound effect.

Om = Om is a sacred sound of the vibrations of the universe. It is known as the primordial sound   universal Wholeness

Gam= Is one of Ganesha's power sounds or root mantras.

Ganapataye-Another name for Ganesha- as the breaker of obstacles.

Namaha-This is often is used at the end of a Sanskrit chant or prayer and it has many meanings. It is a sign of devotion meaning- I bow down, I offer devotion I recognize your power, I become one with you.1

If we put the power sounds, feeling and meaning together it could be described as "In Universal Wholeness I recognize your power Ganesha, I offer my devotion, I bow down to you. I am transformed by your power in removing all obstacles."

What is Chanting?

Chanting is a practice of repeating words with a specific spiritual vibration that point your attention inwards beyond the level of thought into the realm of pure consciousness. Meditation and chanting are often practiced together-however you can chant without meditating and exeprience many of the same benefits as if you were meditating. With chanting  you will gain a sense of deep peace, better focus and feeling more relaxed.

Research on chanting in various languages and using different chants has established many benefits from regular practice:calming the breath, stabilizing the blood pressure and synchronizing the heart beat.2 It also improves the mood and produces feeling of peace and mental steadiness. 3

What are Mantras?

The words or sounds you repeat in chanting are mantras. Not all mantras have a specific meaning. It is the sound and vibration of the mantra that frees the mind from its own thinking nature. However mantras with specific meanings work equally well to change our awareness.

Since ancient times mantra have been used in all religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Taoism. Jainism, Sikhism etc. Christian chanting began in Latin and Greek. Saying the Rosary is a form of chanting with words that have actual meaning.

The mantras are chanted 108 times- once or twice a day for 40 days. You can keep track of your repetitions by moving your fingers along a strand of beads called malas. Or you can use unstrung beads and two small containers. Put all your beads in one cup and move one bead to the second cup as you complete each repetition. An easy way is to time yourself on how long it takes to complete 108 repetitions and then chant for that amount of time each day. Ganesha mantra is short and most people will be able to do it 108 times in about 8 minutes.

How to use the Ganesha mantra:

You may want to write out and sign your intention to practice Ganesha mantra. Some people like to write out what it is they hope to resolve.

Find a quiet place and time for your daily chanting. Be alert to how you feel and watch for changes in your thinking and your perceptions about yourself and your life. Have a pen and paper nearby-some people like to keep a diary to record their experiences and insights.

Ganesha mantra works for any type of obstacle removal, to inaugurate any new beginning or enhance new endeavor. I believe that the Ganesha mantra raises your vibration & level of awareness so the obstacles or fragmented parts inside you become smoothly integrated. As these blocks are dissolved a clear sense of direction and what steps you can take for your success are revealed to your deeper consciousness.

Many people are born in countries where chanting is as natural as breathing. It is not so common in the western world. You do not need to change your religion, read Sanskrit or become a speaker of the language you are chanting in. Singing talent is not required either because its the sound vibration of the mantra inside you that effects the change. Just practice with an open heart and let the power of the chant reveals its message to you.

I'd love to hear about your results with chanting. Please write to me on my comment page here or you can email me at the address listed above.



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Listen to a beautiful 108 recitations by Deva Premal at:

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