Monday, May 27, 2013

Your Thyroid Gland And You

Think of your thyroid as the symphony conductor of your body’s energy levels. Imagine hearing your favorite music playing too fast, too slow or off beat –wouldn’t you feel off kilter or out of tune?

A Powerhouse In You
For such a small gland … it’s a real powerhouse -located at the base of your neck and shaped like a butterfly. The thyroid uses what it produces and receives from other organs to determine how we grow, develop and reproduce. It regulates the cardiovascular system, calcium metabolism, how we think, immune response and balances weight-body temperature and energy production.
The thyroid story is all about PRODUCTION and PROCESSING. Do you produce too little or too much thyroid hormone? Are you able to PROCESS the hormones your thyroid makes and receives from other organs?

Environmental And Petrochemical Toxicity
Enviromental & petrochemical toxicity along with inflammatory hormone levels can interfere with hormone production and processing. Another key factor is how your thyroid interacts with the pituitary, liver and adrenals. Both the thyroid and liver (which converts many of the thyroid hormones )are easily damaged by free radicals (potent chemical buzz bombs that promote cell and tissue damage causing inflammation and premature aging). Remember what we eat, drink, breathe and touch leaves it’s mark on all of us.

Indicators Of Thyroid Problems
Low energy, erratic energy and hyped up energy levels. Fatigue, exhaustion, and anxious burned out feelings. Weight gain, difficulty losing weight and excessive weight loss-along with menstrual problems, headaches, constipation, hair loss, brain fog, cold hands/feet even sleep disturbances are part of the long list of symptoms that can indicate thyroid problems.
Around the world especially where the soil is iodine deficient thyroid imbalance is a problem. At least 3% of all Americans have some form of thyroid disease and a far greater number suffer from thyroid hormone processing problems. Thyroid imbalance is more common in women than men but as men age they too are more susceptible. Sadly thyroid cancer is on the rise.
If you suspect a thyroid imbalance it’s a good idea to get a checkup and have some testing done on your thyroid and vitamin D levels.

Checkup and Rebalance
It can take time to rebalance your thyroid …your body is unique and no one program is right for everyone. Some people can jumpstart their burdened thyroids by changing their diet and using natural therapies. Others will need a prescription for thyroid hormone-many people handle this quite well and some individuals can have a difficult time adjusting to these medications. It is helpful to detox your thyroid & liver and reduce inflammatory levels in the body… so that whatever level of thyroid hormones you are producing can be most successfully utilized.

You Can Still Take Steps To Improve Your Thyroid Health
Even if you do not know how well your thyroid is working you can still take steps to improve your thyroid health by doing the following:

· Eat breakfast-don’t wait till lunchtime to give your metabolism a boost with a healthy meal.

· Balance your protein intake and cut back on sweets and carbs.

· Include in your diet: coconut oil, brazil nuts, mushrooms, legumes, yogurt, strawberries, sea weed, leafy green vegetables, fish, seafood and eggs.

· Avoid non fermented soy products, artificial sweeteners, and gluten (found in wheat, rye and barley with small amounts in spelt and kamut).

· Broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, cabbage, kale and mustard greens should be eaten cooked-not raw. This family of vegetables contains natural chemicals-called goitrogens which can interfere with thyroid hormone production. Be sure to cook them which neutralizes this tendency so you can take advantage of the numerous benefits these vegetables provide.

· Support your emotional well being by learning how to reduce or manage stress- get regular sleep each night and adopt a regular exercise program.

For more information you can email me—ask about natural therapies for thyroid health and how to detox your thyroid and liver.

Take steps now -make sure the music your thyroid is conducting in
your life” is playing at the best tempo to keep you dancing.

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