Monday, March 25, 2013

3 Ways to Make Yourself Feel Instantly Better

Ever have a time when you feel tired, run down, unenthusiastic or notice that your mood or energy is low?  Here are three simple low cost steps you can take to bring your mood up, and instantly feel better.

1.    Stand up, Breathe and Smile

Step away from your computer or whatever it is  you are doing. Stand up straight. Take a few deep breaths . Imagine that you are feeling vibrant, creative, receptive, positive and energetic. Breathe those feelings into your chest hold your arms out as if you are receiving them like a big gift and smile.

Allowing yourself to feel like you would like to feel-changing your posture, and smiling all instantly affect the brain and bring on positive happy moods. Frowning and forgetting to breathe deeply actually produces negative emotions. Smiling, stretching out your arms and allowing yourself to feel open and receptive produces happy feelings.

If you find it hard to smile- look at yourself in a mirror and see the changes in your face as your eyes light up. Even smiling when you are alone is a quick mood enhancer.

2.    Inhale the fragrance of essential oils

Apply 1-2 drops of an essential oil to the palms of your hands rub them together and then inhale this lovely fragrance.  The scent from these oils made from the leaves, roots, flowers and bark of plants sends a signal to our  endocrine & cardiovascular systems and the brain to let go of stress, rebalance and produce feelings of calm relaxation and vibrancy.  Lemon, lavender and rosemary oil work very well to change your mood and uplift your senses. Keep a small bottle in your desk and try this when you get bogged down.

3.    Drink a Cup of Green Tea

Green tea is a natural drink with less caffeine than coffee. It has a remarkable ability to help the liver by neutralizing toxins and the effects of environmental chemicals on the body. It restores the brain cells and enhances metabolism and the immune response. Taking a break with a cup brings powerful healing to the body while it gently restores the brain and enhances the immune response.  It’s active ingredient EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) is 200 times stronger than vitamin C.

If you are not used to doing things like this it might feel awkard  to take a smile, scent, tea break in the  middle of a busy day especially if you are feeling low….. Give it a try- just a few minutes with these steps can make a difference for you!

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Beating Obesity

Everybody wants to lose 25 pounds over night
It takes some time to make use of your body’s natural tendency to heal itself.  Your body has been operating in a certain way in a long time and now we have to gently change the message so that it can cooperate with what you would like it to do.  People want it to be easy, and it can be easier than one might think, yet, it’s not like getting a haircut.  The body doesn’t work that way.  What took several years to come on may take more than a few moments to come off.  In the meantime, you CAN feel better, have greater energy, feel less stress and learn how to congratulate your body for working with you.

People think they can lose weight by not eating
You’ll feel fine for four hours, but by dinner time you’ll be eating Ding Dongs because you won’t be able to keep your brain supplied with fuel.  You need healthy food to have a healthy body.  Most people end up binging when they starve themselves. If you’re young, you could develop dangerous habits.  In the end, it makes it a lot harder to lose weight than if you add healthier food choices regularly.  Doing so will change the way you look and feel quickly.

Some hope it can be done without exercising
It’s hard to burn calories when you have a Netflix membership.  People who are hanging around watching movies all day can’t be exercising enough.  The reality is fifteen minutes to a half hour a day doing exercise you enjoy can make a giant difference to how your body works.  Back in the old days we said you needed an hour a day, now it appears that less may very well be more when it comes to exercise.  That’s good news because you don’t have to give up an hour a day, you can do a light work out and still contribute to feeling and looking healthier.  It is important that whatever you do, that you enjoy doing it.

No one wants to give up sugar
Every time you eat sugar your body burns up a large amount of nutrients that you need to lose weight easily.  It doesn’t work to eat sugar and diet, at least not for most people.  More reasonable is to quit eating sugar and immediately begin to feel and look better.  If you encounter cravings for sugar, and you will, there are foods you can learn about that can help you satisfy the cravings so that you can live with a lot less sugar.  Instead of eating 120 pounds a year, which I believe the average American diet has in it, you can shift your eating habits and beat obesity.

Keys to Beat Obesity
Balance your blood sugar by eating regularly.  Always have breakfast within a half-hour of waking, even if it is a small meal.  Avoid sugar.  After dinner, don’t snack.  Make friends with fruits and vegetables.  Exercise 15 to 30 minutes a day doing some activity you love to do. 

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