Monday, July 15, 2013

Inner Vision, Glaucoma and Love

The Shambala teachings of Tibetan Buddhism consider vision to be a form of bravery.  To see clearly what is directly in front of us and keep moving forward so we engage in life-one must realize their own basic goodness and confidence which allows them to perceive  the basic goodness of the world. The illumination which occurs when this change takes place is called the Great Eastern Sun.
Whether it is the Great Eastern Sun of self illumination or simply the light of day in your own bedroom-that you see....inner vision and love can help your eyes see more clearly and allow you to feel whole and complete.

Your Thoughts Can Influence Your Healing
I believe that we live in a reciprocal universe-what we believe and think about shapes our reality. Inner work on ourselves is a wonderful tool for retraining your body and mind to assist you in healing.  
Not everyone is seing clearly-3 million Americans & 67 million people around the globe are vision impaired with glaucoma.  Glaucoma is a family of eye diseases that can influence the pressure in the eye in different ways which can damage the optic nerve producing vision loss or even blindness when these conditions go untreated.
Unfortunately the onset of glaucoma is not always easy to feel in the early stages. All adults should have their eyes checked regularly. Glaucoma is associated with dizziness, sinus problems, allergies, hypertension, diabetes or blood sugar problems so it is especially important to get an eye checkup if you have been concerned with these issues.
Western  medical therapies use eye drop medications and sometimes traditional  and/or laser surgery to keep the fluid pressure of the eye in balance and protect the optic  nerve. Glaucoma is a serious condition and these therapies are important to prevent loss of sight.

Here is a program that has helped many people enjoy better vision: 
New Thoughts for Healthy Eyes
Discover the best new thoughts for your inner and outer healing.
(From“You Can Heal Your Life”by Louise Hay, p.175.)
1.In a quiet time and place ask yourself: “Are there long standing or overwhelming hurts from the past? Any unforgiven events or hurts that could be affecting my eyes and glaucoma?”
If it doesn’t seem possible then ask yourself “What could be the thought patterns in me that are influencing my vision and how my eyes heal?”
2. Repeat to yourself, “I am willing to release the patterns in my consciousness that are influencing my vision or may have created this condition.”
3.Louise Hay found these affirmations helpful with vision & glaucoma but if they do not resonate with you- feel free to create one that does.
                                              “I see with love and tenderness”
                                              “I see with love and joy”
                                              “I now create life I love to look at”
Repeat your affirmation as a new thought pattern to yourself several times.
4. Allow yourself to assume that you are already healing. Use your  affirmation-at least three or four times each day and whenever you find yourself thinking about your vision.

Try Inner Vision and Love for 30 Days
Give yourself one month of using this method daily. These few minutes of focusing on yourself in a relaxed and loving manner will surely help you feel better. I would love to hear how it works for you.
Next week in part 2 I'll explain natural steps to normalize fluid pressure and slow down the progression of Glaucoma. These alternative steps also make it easier for your body to process glaucoma medications more effectively and reduce possible side effects.
"The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision"
Helen Keller
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  1. My Mother had glaucoma. I get tested regularly and now I will also use your affirmations Siota - thank you!

    1. Ruthe, you are welcome I am glad to know you are using the affirmations. Bless your heart and your mother's heart and mine too! Siota

  2. My mother has been diagnosed with glaucoma. When I look at Louise Hays view it fits my mother perfectly. I have been trying to get her to look for good things in her day and to be forgiving but it is hard to change her mindset at 84. I will get her a gratitude journal which might help her if she can fill it in each day and perhaps she will use your affirmations too.

    1. Heather, it is nice to hear from you. I hope this message reaches you. I agree it is sometimes hard for those set in their way to change..... One thing you might try is for you to say something like this for your mom.
      "I claim that Mom opens to more gratitude and joy and experiences more Wholeness every day." We can know this for your mom even though it might be hard for her to know it for yourself. Please write me direct at and I can share more. Best wishes, Siota

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