Tuesday, December 31, 2013

How Young Do You Want to Look? guest post with Rev Anne Ahokangas

Thinking can keep you young!

"We teach how to think, not what to think" is the basis of Religious Science.

When you truly know you individualize the all-powerful Creative Principle and it creates through you by means of your thinking, you unlock the truth of how experiences are created.

When you think about something for a long time and add strong feelings about it, an experience is created. The Principle you think into responds by corresponding. This is the 'How' part of all of life.

We encourage becoming aware of "what" you think. And when you think with awareness, deliberately, the result is constructive and positive.

You are always free to choose what to think. And when you understand infinite good is possible, you will wisely choose your  "What."

Let me use an easy example. Reactions are thoughts. Reactions are usually negative in nature. These negative thoughts actually resonate in the cells. Enough of this kind of resonance and wrinkles get deeper, health and vitality diminish, happiness becomes illusive.

I suggest taking 3- 4 seconds before reacting to any scenario. Take a deep breath and realize that if the situation can’t be helped or solved by being angry/afraid, then choose to remain neutral.

It may not diffuse the scenario, but you will ultimately be younger and happier. Remember, what you do, think and react to today, creates  tomorrows experiences.

Rev Anne Margit Ahokangas is a speaker, author and entrepreneur. Anne has dedicated her personal and professional life to spiritual growth, self love, and personal empowerment. You can reach Anne at:   http://anneahokangas.wordpress.com/

As 2013 draws to a close I wish you a Happy New Year full of healing and happiness. I'd love to hear more about your healing adventures-write me at the email listed above or in the comments box below. 

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