Monday, September 1, 2014

Mice, Memory and Creating Your Inner Light

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Sometimes experiences from the past keep influencing us-again and again and again.....

It could be that the circuits in our brain  get stuck in an endless loop. Researchers at MIT have been changing the brains of mice with light. They call this new science Optigenics.  It appears that as a memory is encoded in the brain negative or positive emotions associated with that event are stored in another part of the brain. Every time the brain remembers the event the emotions associated with it are triggered.

By shining a light for only 12 minutes on  the brain cells that store these emotions mice were able to let go of previous conditioning  and no longer experienced negative emotional reactions. 

Optigenic studies will help MIT better understand how the brain works and in the future they may help to relieve depression, post traumatic stress, epilepsy, chronic pain and some forms of mental illness.1

Are you planning your future based on your past?

I believe it is possible to erase the pain and limitations we may remember from our past.  Yesterday’s disappointments and hurts can keep us from experiencing happiness today. In years to come we will be able to use Optigenics to heal our brain, body and psyche.  Today we can use meditation, prayer, EMDR and other techniques to free ourselves from the negative influences or  hurtful things from our  past. We can also create our own inner light to help us let go of previous experiences that no longer serve us.

Change your mind by shining your inner light

Find a quiet place, whether that is in your room, outside in nature or even sitting where no one knows you. Take a few moments and breathe deeply until you feel yourself settling down. When you feel quiet  read or say these words:

Always I am aware of being part of a greater Whole. The Oneness I share with Spirit and all beings brings permanent safety and refuge from the events of my past. 

In this Wholeness, I am strong, safe and secure. Nothing from yesterday can ever harm me again.I let go of anything from
the past that no longer serves me.
I feel the light of Wholeness inside me.The light of Wholeness shines all around me.  I am the light and the light is me. Peace and joy live in me now and I embrace my future knowing it is Good.

Take a few moments to come back to the present moment and then go on with your day. 

Powerful words like this or others you might choose write for yourself can shine your inner light on your brain and help to releases burdens of the past. Our thoughts are creative and we can use them to change ourselves, our lives and our environment. I believe you can feel a gentle and permanent change inside yourself from regularly shining your inner light.

Give this a try for a month. I'd truly enjoy hearing about your experiences of creating your own inner light. 


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