Tuesday, August 19, 2014

When We Feel Good Inside Ourselves We Are Doing Something Good for the People We Love

I believe that each of us is the perfect expression of Wholeness. How we feel about ourselves;the choices we make or don’t make; and whether we are able to move forward or stay stuck in the past has a profound influence on us, those around us and our world.

When we feel good inside ourselves we are also doing something wonderful for the world and for those we love.....

Yet life can feel so  intense with  many challenges. Today our world is dealing with Ebola hemorrhagic fever, civil strife in the Ukraine, crisis in the Middle East. Heavy situations are happening in many places.

How we can take care of ourselves when it seems so difficult to take care of the world’s family? 

I believe that all beings are expressing the Creative Intelligence of the One Universal Mind. Regardless of where we live or what culture we belong to what we think influences the greater state of Wholeness inside ourselves and all around us. 

What if you could do something simple each day that would help you feel good and bring answers to your challenges  and the unresolved problems we see around us? Try this simple technique for 30 days:

Find a quiet place where you can be in solitude. It might be in your room or  outside in nature.  Some people even go into their closet and shut the door.

Just sit in silence for 10 minutes-breathe normally. Set aside your cares and relax. Let go of any worries or concerns and feel the silence within.

When you are calm and feeling at peace you are actually in connection with the One Universal Mind.

Now speak the following words aloud. Read them with feeling as if they are your own:

"I know that I am pure spirit, that I always have
 been, and that I always will be.

There is inside me a place of confidence and quietness and security
 where all things are known and understood.

This is the Universal Mind, God, of which I am a part
 and which responds to me as I ask of it.

This universal mind knows the answer to all of my problems, 
and even now the answers are speeding their way to me.

I needn't struggle for them; I needn't worry or strive for them. 
When the time comes, the answers will be there.

I give my problems to the great mind of God; I let go of them, confident that the correct answers will return to me when they are needed.

Through the great law of attraction, everything in life that
 I need for my work and fulfillment will come to me.

It is not necessary that I strain about this, only believe. 
For in the strength of my belief, my faith will make it so.

I see the hand of divine intelligence all about me, 
in the flower, the tree, the brook, the meadow.

I know that the intelligence that created all these things is in me and around me and that I can call upon it for my slightest need.

I know that my body is a manifestation of pure spirit and
 that spirit is perfect; therefore my body is perfect also.

I enjoy life, for each day brings a constant demonstration 
of the power and wonder of the universe and myself.
 I am confident. I am serene. I am sure.

No matter what obstacle or undesirable circumstance crosses
 my path, I refuse to accept it, for it is nothing but illusion.

There can be no obstacle or undesirable circumstance to the mind
 of God, which is in me, and around me, and serves me now."

As you project these words into the silence-you will heal yourself; do something wonderful for those around you and help to heal your world.

When you are complete take a minute or two to come back to the present moment and continue with your day.

These remarkable words come from Uell Stanley Andersen:
Three Magic Words: The Key to Power and Personal Peace

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