Monday, May 6, 2013

Nutrition and Your Brain

Think of your brain as a tree full of luxurious leaves that never drop unless the tree becomes diseased or malnourished.  As problems with memory, focus and  the ability to think clearly  develop- the health of this tree is diminishing  and the leaves begin to fall. By the time a person has dementia, Alzheimer’s or is suffering from cognitive impairment  there are almost  no leaves left  and  it becomes difficult  to nourish the tree so that it can hold onto it’s remaining  leaves or regrow more.

Around the world the leaves are falling off everyone’s tree-more than 24.3 million people have age related dementia.  20 million people struggle with problems of memory, focus and the ability to think clearly.  80% of the people who struggle with memory and focus problems go on to develop Alzheimer’s  disease.

Everything Influences How We Feel

Everything that we eat, drink, breathe and touch influences how we feel and how healthy we are. Eating  a diet rich in  vegetables, fruits, whole grains and clean burning proteins  signals  our cells to produce healthy cell growth, repair our DNA, regulate our hormones and metabolism and sustain a healthy brain.  White flour and sugar, high fat foods, artificial colors and sweeteners, fast foods etc  create an inflammatory response in the body  which promotes  metabolic imbalance and disease which rapidly age the brain and makes the leaves fall quickly.

We are all biochemically unique and there is not a universal food plan that will work for everyone however there are a few simple things that you can do right now to jump start your body’s ability to heal itself and protect  your brain and thinking powers.

Send Health Signals To Your Body

A modified Mediterranean diet has been proven to reduce inflammation and send the healthy signals to our bodies and brain so that disease and aging are reduced and healthy brain function is protected.  The antioxidant effects from fresh vegetables and fruit has a beneficial effect on the brain and helps prevent dementia and  Alzheimer’s disease. 

You can help yourself now by drinking ½ cup of fresh vegetable and fruit juice 3 times a week.  Learn how to balance your clean protein & carbohydrates foods with modest amounts of healthy fat and  generous portions  of fresh vegetables and some fruit.

You will feel better, have more energy and think more clearly and at the same time ensure that the leaves on the tree inside your brain stay lush, green and plentiful.

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