Monday, June 10, 2013

Happiness and Less Stress without IBS

The bus driver is having a bad hair day. You are on the edge of your seat hoping to make the airport in time to catch your flight.  You see how tense his shoulders are as he drives.  Finally you arrive at the airport expecting that he let you out at your destination…. Instead he opens the luggage hold only to throw ALL  the bags  into one big pile and yells “ I quit” as he runs away.

What a mess! After wrestling with those mixed up bags
you run to your gate and arrive soaking wet just as your plane is about to leave……

Adrenal Stress and IBS

What does this stressed out shuttle driver and a mad dash for a plane have to do with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and  Adrenal Stress? The bus driver represents your  adrenal glands… your stress reponse managers. When they get burned out or have bad hair days they signal the brain with a message that sounds like “I can’t take it anymore” this  triggers the symptoms of Irritable Bowel (IBS). The dash to get to a plane on time and that exhausted feeling once you get to your seat represents how IBS can feel.

Indicators of IBS
Gas , bloating, abdominal discomfort-loose watery stools, tremendous urgency,bouts of intestinal dumping, alternating constipation and diarrhea, mucus and sometimes blood in the stool are the most frequent symptoms of this condition.

IBS is the result of spastic colon with irregular bowel action-- but it is often driven by poor adrenal response.  Since these symptoms occur in the bathroom and can seem unrelated to any particular food or situation…. people with IBS may not realize that adrenal health & how their body deals with stress are key trigger for IBS.

1½ million people in the US have IBS while 10-15 % of the world’s population has IBS too. 26% of those with IBS miss work or school due to this condition- it’s not uncommon for them to change jobs or work from home so they can manage the amount of time they need to spend in the bathroom.

Other more serious conditions may have the same symptom-- it is a good idea to get checked out by an MD.  Make sure that nothing else is going on.  Anti- spasmodic, anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory and antibiotics are used to treat IBS. These medications can reduce the severity symptoms making  it more manageable but rarely do they eliminate the condition. 

Take Steps Now To Improve Your IBS

*Calm down the gut- for at least 3 months switch to a dairy free, gluten free, junk food free diet. This requires some planning and education to do successfully but almost always it reduces the severity of symptoms and allows the spastic colon to relax so that the symptoms are improved. Clincial Detox may also be indicated.

*Evaluate adrenals- A saliva test can measure your adrenal hormone levels and track  how they fluctuate through a 24 hour period. With IBS the adrenals can over produce Cortisol(our stress regulating hormone) and be deficient in DHEA (which regulates our immune response). Natural therapies can rebuild your adrenals.

*Check your stool-negative bacteria, yeast  or parasites in the gut can produce very similar symptoms. Get a stool test-to make sure you have the  right balance of healthy bacteria and determine if negative organisms are causing problems.

*Check Vitamin D levels-When vitamin  D is too low it can trigger anxiety which then triggers intestinal dumping. Low levels of D can  be an indicator of stressed out adrenals.

*Restore mineral balances- with you may be clinically deficient in Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc. A urine test can determine what is needed. 

*Check your  vitamin labels- are you using Calcium carbonate, Magnesium oxide or Magnesium citrate and Zinc oxide? These specific forms of Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc can cause diarrhea &constipation and slow down your digestion.  Use MCHC calcium, Magnesium glycinate & Zinc glycinate –these will be easy to absorb, most quickly restore your mineral balances and support your digestion without aggravating your bowel function.

*Relax –learn how to meditate, keep a gratitude journal, get a pet that makes you happy, walk in nature for 20 minutes a day.  Ask yourself  how can I feel more relaxed, resourceful and happy?

IBS is a big uncomfortable problem -if you take these steps you will be able to reduce or eliminate your IBS. Your bus driver will be happy and more relaxed and your journey will be smooth and easy.

For more information- email me and ask about natural therapies & tests for IBS and how to use Clinical Detox to restore your intestine & adrenal health. 

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