Monday, June 3, 2013

Deep Relaxation and Hawaiian Massage

You are standing on a beach…..behind you birds in the coconut palms are singing. The warm water of the wide blue ocean laps at your toes as the trade winds riffle your hair…. Sound Good???

These are the natural rhythms of  Hawaii and they are also the rhythms of  Hawaiian massage- a unique healing tradition that provides deep relaxation with renewed energy and revitalization.  Sometimes it is called Lomi or even Lomi Lomi-the Hawaiian word Lomi means “to massage”.

In the old days Hawaiian families practiced their own style of massage and kept their techniques secret-passing the tradition on from one generation to the next.  In the ancient temples the priests and healers  used massage as a powerful healing technique. 

Those who practice the Sacred Temple style of  Hawaiian  massage refer to their work as an offering of love-freely given .  The person on the massage table is receiving a sacred gift. The client should feel the prayer in the heart of the person working on them as they receive their massage.  The work is done with long flowing strokes which are so deeply relaxing that the knots of tension and stress unwinds. The massage table is prepared as if it is an altar and the practitioner considers their healing work to be a prayer in motion.

The massage strokes are done in a figure eight  movement  which create an energy field of deep soothing relaxation.  Healing occurs on the physical, emotional and mental levels because the profound relaxation allows the cellular memories of tension, stress and even old beliefs to gently dissolve.  This produces a release of stress and new energy is brought forth with a cleansing  sense of full restoration and healing.

Each session is unique because the practitioner intuits from the client what it is that their body needs for the healing to occur.  The work may be slow with a light touch and then alternate with rapid strokes which can energize and restore vitality.  Or a light touch may be alternated with rapid energizing movement all of which feels like  the waves of the ocean. Your entire body and being find it easy to let go.  As the blood and lymphatic fluids in the body are re-circulated with the massage strokes a gentle cleansing effect occurs.

Hawaiian massage is more than hand and forearm strokes. The practitioner also has footwork or dance type movements that they do with their body to harmonizes their breath with the body work  which keeps their  energy flowing smoothly. 

The ancient Hawaiians believed that all people seek harmony and love and that harmony, love and forgiveness were the actual qualities of the Hawaiian Gods.  Hawaiian massage is truly transformational and helps to relieve old beliefs and judgements about one’s self and others that can lock up the body’s energy if they are not forgotten and buried under knots of tension and stress.

There are many translations for the word “aloha” it’s deeper meaning refers to a sharing of life’s energy in the present moment with full acceptance and love.  This healing work has a lot of Aloha-the heart, hands and soul of the practitioner in their expanded state of awareness help the person receiving the massage to reconnect with their source and recognize their own  magnificence. 

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