Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Healing with Music-the Guitar Prayer: Guest Post by Wayne Haught

Wayne Haught
I believe that deep within us the power to heal, grow and change is vibrant and alive. Regardless of how challenging our circumstances may be when we can tap into that natural vibrancy and begin to experience it regularly positive change begins.

What matters is that we find what is right for us and seek it out so we can tap into our inner vibrancy and aliveness regularly.  A number of years ago a young man growing up in Cambridge Ohio discovered his own vibrancy in the healing power  of music.

Almost everyone in his family was musical and in honor of his grandfather’s career as a talented fiddle, banjo and guitar player in the early 1900’s he picked up his guitar and banjo and taught himself how to play. With his guitar and banjo in his hands the  music transformed him and his music became a way to heal himself.

As a professional musician Wayne Haught calls what he does “spiritual music with the dirt of life on it.”  His songs are put together in such a way as to explore how grace, wisdom, and healing are as likely to come to someone who is not directly seeking them, as they are to someone who fervently is

In his new album “Fingers” with his voice and guitar Wayne reminds us that no matter how much pain or fear we are living with today, things are always changing and we all have the opportunity to just let go and begin to change which is the story of: (click on this link to hear Wayne at Soundcloud):

Where Bluebirds Sing

“I’m going where bluebirds sing
Where sparrows fly on painted wings
Where robins give their worms away
I’ll spread my wings and fly away”

Blind mariachis, crawling snakes, homeless holy men, tough old mama’s boys, and Black Moses all make appearances on “Fingers,” rhubarb pie too, but each serves as part of a larger musical vision that emphasizes shared experience, human connection, and common feelings.

Singing from a high lonesome place deep down in his soul, Haught finds the emotional heart in his new release “Fingers.” Whether he’s delivering wailing almost bluegrass, dark-tinged folk, infectious rockabilly, or bluesy talking verse Wayne engages listener’s with a lived-in voice that makes everything he sings sound absolutely real.

Peter Case, legendary three-time Grammy-nominated folksinger, produced “Fingers.”  Musicians who have toured or recorded with Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, Eric Clapton and many more played with beautiful spontaneous excitement throughout the 10 songs on the record.

A beautiful example of tapping into one’s inner awareness and using music to heal can be heard in his song Guitar Prayer. (Click this link for the video of Wayne performing):
Guitar Prayer

“During guitar prayer
You don’t have to close your eyes down on your knees
During guitar prayer
There’s no need to holler please
Six strings of wire
A few pounds of wood
And each time you pick it
It does someone good”

Special thanks to Wayne Haught for sharing his music and thoughts. To find out more about Wayne visit his website: or purchase his new cd at:"Fingers"

Please continue to share your healing adventures. You can reach me via the contact box listed next to this article.

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