Monday, October 7, 2013

What Does Healing Mean?

To me healing is about restoring yourself to a state of balance that you are happy with.  I believe it is you who does the healing of your own body, mind and soul regardless of who participates with you as your health coach. It is not something that can be based on other people’s ideas of how you should be.
Happy with yourself?
Does your vision of who you are sync with your idea of what health is for your body?
Healing comes from within -from the center of your being. No matter what diet, remedy, medication, or technique you use to restore your state of balance-- your own body needs to have enough time and focus to perceive whether what  you are doing or how you have changed your input-is working for you.
Point of Balance
Balance happens when your energy level, creativity level and sense of well being meet within you to create a state of buoyancy. Can you go for several  hours at a time simply feeling good not only about yourself but also feeling  good no matter what you are doing? If so then you have reached a point of balance that is right for you!
How do you get to this state? Learn to listen to your body…… Most people are walking around feeling tired, run down, in pain, depressed, over weight or wondering why they have so little energy. Unless you are feeling absolutely in love with yourself as far as your health goes; you probably need some restoration. 
We can learn to listen to how we feel inside ourselves.  What do you want for your body, mind and soul? What if anything are you willing to change? What are you already doing that feels very good for you? It may take some time for these answers to become clear to you. 
I am interested in helping people feel better. That is why I wrote the articles on healing with chanting, detoxing your body, practicing gratitude  & finding joy. These are valuable tools for restoration and learning about yourself.
You can read them here: Discover Your Best Healing
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                                     The Best Advice to Create Joy in Your Life

“Be just the balm you need to heal what ails you”

                                                                      Heather Davis




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