Monday, February 24, 2014

Looking Young & Conscious Aging-guest post by Dr.Toni Lomotta

The other day I got a haircut, and right after that everyone who saw me said things like, “You look at least 10 years younger.” One person even told me I looked 20 years younger. Now, I know that was supposed to be a compliment. But, I found myself asking several questions -

How old was I looking before the haircut?

And why is everyone so obsessed with looking younger?

What is this all about? It would have been an insult if someone told me at the age of 15 that I looked so much younger. No one wants to be younger before they reach 21. And so, when does this quest to be younger start? I believe it’s one of those things that comes along in midlife. And, I am becoming more and more certain that it is our society’s way of warding off death.

Growth in Wisdom
When I was younger, I prayed for Wisdom and I equated wisdom with being older. And, although that is not necessarily so, it is true for the most part. At least for me. I am wiser now than I was at 25 and certainly wiser than when I was 15. I like that. And, I have more wrinkles as well and even a few streaks of grey hair (although even my parents didn’t go totally grey until after 70!)

There are products out there that are all also advertised to keep us looking young. They even call them anti-aging creams.

Why are we anti-aging?
I don’t want to be anti anything. I’m for healthy aging. I’m for graceful aging, even grace-filled aging. I’m for vitality as we age, but anti-aging. NO!

It’s time to rethink how we think about midlife. The next time you hear the words, Anti-aging, ask yourself, What am I really anti? Don’t I want to age? If not, Why not?

This is Dr. Toni LaMotta, I'd like to thank her for sharing her thoughts on Looking Young & Conscious Aging. Dr. Toni is the author of several books on Conscious Aging and offers a 4 week video course. Check out her new book: "Overcoming the Fear of Aging: The First step in Your Journey to Conscioius Aging." You can reach her at:

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