Monday, January 27, 2014

Inner Guide to Fat Loss

Keep your brown fat cool:
A natural type of body fat called brown fat can enhance weight loss and fat burning because brown fat uses extra sugars and other types of body fat for fuel. You can trigger a 15% increase in your fat burning response by keeping yourself chilly during your exercise.

Being overheated from bundling up or being so cold that you shiver makes your brown fat stop burning fuel and your fat burning metabolism actually slows down.

So... to enhance your brown fat energy burning metabolism begin your exercise routine with appropriate layers make sure you feel comfortably cool.1

Caught up in new diets, good foods, bad foods, slow carbs, bad carbs and no carbs?
Fitness, weight loss and reducing body fat are on everyone’s mind. Have you noticed that thoughts about your body or the foods you eat can weigh you down and make you feel heavier than you know yourself to be?

I believe that each of us is the perfect expression of Wholeness and that the foods we eat are a spiritual form of substance and supply . We have the innate intelligence within that can guide us to the best way of eating.

If it's a challenge to know what food plan is best for you-- a health coach can show you how to get started. The food plan that works great for your best friend might need to be tailored to make it a success for you.... Our bodies and physical systems are unique and we each have different needs.

Are you stuck in a rut with sugar? Do you feel anxious late at night and find yourself reaching for the graham crackers? Has daily exercise become impossible because your schedule along with your clothes feel too tight?

Regardless of what foods have packed on extra pounds we can have loving, harmonious communication with ourselves that praises and supports healing results on a deep inner level.


Here’s a meditation to read aloud morning and evening I think it can shift your heavy thoughts and help you enjoy new vitality, weight loss and healing:
My food agrees with me and I agree with it. I am guided to make the best possible choices in the foods I eat. Everything I eat is perfectly assimilated and digested and all my organ systems and every part of me is in harmony with all that I take into my body. I am in harmony with all my foods, my thoughts and the substance that supplies my body creates vibrancy, harmony, healing and fitness.

I enjoy your questions and comments let me know how this works for you and I'd love to hear about your healing adventures.

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1.Recruited brown adipose tissue as an anti obesity agent in humans

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