Sunday, October 13, 2013

Strung with Love-Making Prayer Malas

Every religion uses prayer and meditation yet they have something else they share. Many religions have a tradition of using beads or something like beads to count prayers, chants, mantras and affirmations. Catholics call their beads the rosary. Muslims pray using their Misbaha or Tasbih beads.  In Judaism worshippers count the knots on their prayer shawls. Hindus and Buddhists chant mantras and meditate with malas.

Recently I wrote about using chants to bring healing, improve well being, break through obstacles, calm the mind, restore vitality and even help with weight loss and sugar addictions. It  can be helpful to use prayer mala beads when you chant, pray or practice your affirmations. Mala is the Sanskrit word for garland.  With a prayer mala, you can stay focused in reciting mantras, prayers and affirmations. As you move your fingers along the beads your hands are slightly engaged- providing a place to release energy and allowing the mind to relax. So there is no worry about how many recitations you have completed and no need to focus on the clock.

“You pass the beads across your fingers, bead by bead, with each repetition of the mantra. If your mind wanders, the activity of the hand or the touch of the bead will remind you of the mantra. The rhythm becomes more compelling, the experience more total as your body works in harmony with the mind.”
Ram Daas 

Traditional mala beads are made from wooden beads, seeds and semi-precious stones. You can be creative in designing your own set of mala beads to make it unique and meaningful for your own purpose.

You are invited to learn how to make your own prayer malas, to chant with them and to discover how your mala beads can be powerful for you. 

Strung with Love-Making Prayer Malaas
with Sue Robson

Date: Saturday, August 16th
 Time: 10 am to 1 pm
 Center for Spiritual Living Santa Rosa
 2075 Occidental Road Santa Rosa, Ca 95401

To enroll online:Prayer Mala Workshop

You can connect with Sue or get more information about her workshop and Prayer Malas at:!/PrayerMalas

I use rudraksha and coral mala beads as part of my spiritual practice. I would love to hear how you use your malas. You can leave your comments below or email me at the address listed above.

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