Monday, June 24, 2013

Environmental Toxicity and You

Long before anyone was concerned about environmental toxicity Salavdor Dali painted this picture that once seen- is hard to forget. “The Persistence of Memory” depicts melting watches hanging in a barren landscape- in the distance a dead ocean bakes in the sun. A small army of ants has overtaken one of the clocks near a decomposing body. Quite a picture of what a toxic world might look like…….

Sadly we live in that toxic world already, and our bodies- as a result face many challenges associated with toxic exposure. For every second on your clock as time goes by 683.4 lbs or 310 kg of toxic chemicals are dispersed into our air, land and water. We are exposed to 10 million tons of toxic chemical every year (see the resource list at the bottom of this post for an international team of researchers who collate and publish real time date from environmental agencies). Most of us are not aware this happening-because we don't feel it- or of the changes in our bodies that can occur from these overloads.

Toxins Remain in the Body
Even if we manage to eat organically, live in a less polluted area or take other steps to reduce our exposure- over time these toxins build up remaining in our body for many years becoming more concentrated with a higher potential to cause problems as time goes on.

Heavy Metal Is Not Only Music
Lead, Mercury, Plutonium, Cadmium and Arsenic are the heavy metals that stick with us along with pesticides, industrial compounds, petrochemicals and other pollutants. Exposure to these chemicals even in small amounts are associated with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS),fibromyalgia (FM), neurodegenerative diseases like Parkingson’s and Multiple Sclerosis (MS), atherosclerosis and even cancer.

Indicators of Environmental Toxicity
Headaches, aches and pains, fatigue, muscle weakness, tinnitus, fertility problems, acne, rashes, chronic immune challenges, dizziness, loss of appetite, nausea, heartbeat irregularities, nausea, cramps, diarrhea, excessive sweating, kidney dysfunction, impaired memory, itching, burning or swelling sensations, and a host of respiratory problems are all potential indicators of environmental toxicity.

How Do We Remove Toxins from the Body?
In my post next week, I’m going to explain the difference between eliminating toxins form the body and detoxing. Please be sure to subscribe to these posts by entering your email address in the subscribe section above.


Worldometers-real time world statistics

An international team of researchers who collate and publish real time data and statistics evaluated data from the following agencies to calculate this information:
United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Program - conducted by EPA
Tri Explorer - toxic chemical releases database search
ScoreCard - "the pollution information site" based on TRI data (U.S.)
WHBB Web Hosting Data - Green, Eco Friendly, Carbon-Neutral web hosting data plans compared.
Eurostat - Environment related Statistics
Eco-Friendly Sports Bottle
Learn About Asbestos Exposure
septic cleaning
OSHA Statistics & Data page - (OSHA) Occupational Safety & Health Administration (U.S. Department of Labor)
Toxic Waste - Wikipedia
GaBi - the world's premium
Life Cycle Assessment Software. Get your free software demo!
"Estimate of Toxic Chemical Emissions Is Tripled" - New York Times, Published: May 12, 2000
Toxic Pollution And Health: An Analysis of Toxic Chemicals Released in Communities across the United States

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