Sunday, August 3, 2014

How to Cope When Life Around You Feels Crazed.

Can you remember what year it was when you had your last nap? How long can you go without checking your phone, email, or social media for “important” messages?

Do you ever really have a day off? Has life become too busy, too practical, too pressured?

In today’s world it’s not hard for life around us to feel crazed.

A place of refuge:

The ancient Hawaiian’s had a good strategy for coping with crazy times.
At least one temple on each of the islands was designated as a “place of refuge”. If someone was in trouble, being pursued by an enemy or simply needed help all they had to do was make it across the boundary lines to a “place of refuge”. No matter what the situation- they were safe, cared for and free from persecution as long as they chose to stay.

 When rain starts pouring down….most of us try to get out of the downpour to keep from getting wet. Where is the place inside yourself that you can take refuge or find shelter from those storms that may be whipping  about you?

Taking refuge can help you find that centered part of yourself which allows you to move forward with confidence that you are taking the best course of action.

Coping when life seems crazed:

What is it that could clear your mind, bring you peace and provide an inner sense of calm and relaxation?  I believe it’s ideal to know this in advance of those hectic times and to practice it regularly so that when you are beset by pressures, frustrations or  tribulations you can take refuge in something that restores your inner well being.

Everyone needs something:

And yet we are all different so one technique may work better for you than another.  Meditation, yoga and contemplation are well known practices that calm the mind, rest the body and enhance inner harmony.  In similar fashion breathing deeply, walking, being in nature and showing affection to a well loved pet will also lower your blood pressure, decrease tension and increase your sense of well being.

Find the thing that works for you and practice it:

Consistency and increasing familiarity with things that provide a place of refuge from your busy frazzled days are important. Sometimes the hard times appear before we  had a chance to find those things that can bring peace to us. Start now. Try something simple like:

*Walk for 15-20 minutes to clear your head.

*Before you  sleep-- write down all the things that you are grateful for in your life.

*Practice recognizing Wholeness in yourself and others.

*Set aside a few moments to do one thing  each day that makes you truly happy.

Our world is a reciprocal universe-what we believe and think about shapes our reality. Inner work on ourselves can retrain our body and mind. It helps us heal and provides that safe harbor and refuge for us when the world around us feels crazed. I invite you to try some of these practices to bring calmness and peace to your world.

I appreciate those of you who write in to share your stories and life experience. You can reach me by posting in my message box.

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