Monday, October 28, 2013

Depression-One Woman's Journey on the Road to Joy

Recently I talked about healing as restoring yourself to a state of balance that you are happy with. The World Health Organization states that 121 million adults around our world have depression and that 47% of all adults have headaches. Researchers in the US have determined that 60 million people are burdened with feelings of isolation and loneliness.1 Clearly,too many are in distress and are not able to find their way out of it.

The following is the story of a 50 something woman who was experiencing depression, headaches and isolation. Life had worn her down. She found a creative way to restore herself and became happy, healthy and whole.

Kate’s four children were almost out of the house when her second marriage ended in a stressful divorce.  Later, she tried another relationship which just didn’t work out. There had been a long period of recovery from a painful shoulder injury. Then three beloved family members died in a short period of time….

Kate began to have bad headaches, she felt isolated and depressed. It was like a heaviness or a dark vortex was coming to suck her down. Things that had always helped her feel in balance- like her art work were no longer possible. 

She knew she had to get away from the dreadful dark feelings that were pressing her down. Kate decided to go within and through prayer she called on her higher power.

Over the next few days Kate remembered how much she loved riding on her brother’s motorcycle in high school-a Honda 750. Quite spontaneously she was guided to look through the local ads at motorcycles for sale.

A beautiful fire engine red 2004 Harley Davidson XLH 883 Sportster Hugger captured her heart and everything fell into place.

She remembers saying to herself “If you don’t get this now- you will never do this! Do this for yourself the kids are all grown.”

Kate enrolled in a motorcycle safety class to learn how to ride. She passed the written part of the class easily but found that she was too nervous to make turns successfully. Kate didn’t pass the riding part of the exam but she had 90 days to take it over. She got her learner’s permit and began to practice her turns. 

“Lord, I am so nervous. I’m 54 years old. I am scared. What am I doing? Am I insane? Help me Lord.”

It took her two weeks to get out of her neighborhood and onto to the street to make it down to the park where she could pratice safely.  Within a few weeks she was able to begin riding around and discovered the back roads away from the traffic. 

"My excitement got rid of my fear. As I developed my skills I experienced sheer pleasurable joy riding on my own. From the deepest source of my being that joy would flow up like a fountain. Your joy takes you away from your hard places. For me the wind in my face lifted that heavy darkness.  I was moving forward my higher power was guiding me.  I was singing, laughing, praying inside my helmet.

Letting my higher power guide me and following its message changed my life and gave me freedom from the responsibility of life. There have been no more headaches. My depression and isolation are gone."

 6 1/2 months later as an accomplished fully licensed rider Kate traded up for her 1200cc Custom Harley Sport Cruiser. Kate also discovered that chocolate was the cause of her headacches so she doesn't have it very often. She began to meet new people and joined the Christian Motorcycle Association ( which led to many new adventures. Since then Kate has had the opportunity to act as a spiritual counselor for women in prison and women everywhere inspiring them with her wisdom to find new meaning in their own lives.

Kate found a way to heal her body, mind and soul and exchanged her depression, headaches and isolation for a life of joy, satisfaction and freedom. I hope Kate’s story of what brought her the greatest healing will be inspiring for you.

How did you learn to listen to your feelings and discover what would give  you- your healing successes? Do you have a story of healing or know of someone who would like to share their healing success?  To connect with Kate send your message to me in my comments box or at the email address listed above. I will forward it to Kate so she can get back to you.


1. Cacioppo, John T.; Hawkley, Louise C. (2009). "Perceived social isolation and cognition". Trends in Cognitive Sciences 13 (10): 447–54. doi:10.1016/j.tics.2009.06.005.PMC2752489. PMID19726219.

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