Monday, August 5, 2013

Renewal, Love, Service

Isn’t it astonishing to know that the human body regenerates itself completely every 5-7 years? Our brains are replaced every two months and our stomach makes new cells every 5 minutes.1 Truly we are a miracle of renewal and regeneration.
Today I am thinking about inner renewal. I believe that each of us comes  from a spark of the Divine- that creative life force from which all  existence is made. I believe that human consciousness is forever expanding. As my body is being made new each day my spirit is continually refreshed with the flow of creative Divine Intelligence.
Sometimes I can lose my focus and start to get bogged down. Do you ever have that experience?  For me when that occurs-- my life requires  real effort and feels like work.  What helps me as I realize this has happened- is to pause and put my attention first, on my breath. 
As I breathe deeply I refocus and ask myself: How can I find joy in this moment? Remembering that the Divine Life Force is flowing through me, in me and is actually… me gets me back on track. Joy begins to percolate through me once again. 
When my actions are an expression of love in service to others or the world…my journey is smooth.  No matter how long my day lasts my spirit stays fresh.  I am renewed constantly so that I move forward- vibrant and alive.
What is renewal like for you?  Let’s talk about this and see if we can enhance our inner renewal together.  
“All beings are flowers
In a blossoming universe”
Soen Nakagawa Roshi
1.Your Amazing Regnerating Body,( Gaia Vince: 19 June 2006: Magazine issue 2556;
                                    Freedom and Forgiveness-Hawaiian Ho'o pono pono

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