Saturday, January 13, 2018

Creating Peace-Restoring Happiness Free Class with Dr. Siota Belle, PhD

Did your start your New Year-2018 feeling calm, peaceful and happy? 

For many people 2017 is a year that will be hard to forget. The world events from this 
time may have taken a toll on your sense of peace, calm and happiness. 

You can create a lasting sense of peace and happiness for yourself. Yet how do you 
know what will help you to feel more grounded in peace and calm?
What will enable  you to know more joy and happiness.?

 Join my free class which runs from Jan 17 through May 2018.

Together we will design a peace and happiness plan that is unique to you. 
One that will  restore your body, mind and spirit and is unique to you. 

Details listed below:  

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